DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Face – Myself

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Hi, guys! It’s actually really interesting to do the DP Weekly Photo Challenges which I can always reveal the minor part of my life while there are so much major things in front of me. This is my second attempt of this challenge and I hope you will enjoy reading it!

The first thing popped up in my mind when I saw the Theme of this week – “Face”, is that I need to take a selfie right away. Yes, I like to take selfies, I took bunch of those before, I like to concern about how I look like and talk about my face. Unfortunately, my face’s situation is worse and worse throughout days.

If you have seen “My Life Book” on my homepage, you got to see how I look like before and after I went to US, although some the latest photo was taken couple months ago. The most significant change you can see is definitely “Acnes”, or “Pimples”, whatever you like to call them. I just hate these words.

I like how I looked before I came to the states more than what how I look like right now. My face was clean and smooth before I came here, even though there were couples some pimples, they didn’t necessary affect how I look like.

Right after I came to US, I realized that my skin are exceptionally sensitive. It reacts to pretty much every substances in the world. The first few weeks after I arrived California, I suffered from dandruff problems, which bordered me a lot until around December last year, when I finally discovered one shampoo that helped me tackle the problem.

From the beginning of November, which was after the end of my Cross-Country seasons, my pimples began to grow, probably led by stress from homesick and adapting new environment, or by the distinct different of my meals.

They grew all over my faces, from my forehead to my nose, from my nose to my cheek, from my cheek to my shoulders. The most severe part is absolutely my dimple parts, it turned red and I could never get rid of them no matter what I tried. It damaged my appearance a lot as they never stop growing and this spot is too obvious for people to recognize, as faces are always the first impression for people.

I have consulted a doctor in the state which gave me some medicine and I have consulted different doctors and skin care professors’ advise. However, I couldn’t come up with a solution. My plan for now is to keep using the medicine that the doctor has given to me until I have gone back to Hong Kong. And I will consult a dermatologist and try to treat my acne before returning to the state for study.

Although my pimples really border me, I realized that my outlook isn’t really the most important aspect of my life. A lot of friends told me that they will be gone eventually throughout times, which I thought they didn’t understand what I’m going through. The Bible told us that the inner beauty is more important than the outer beauty,  which I should always put on my mind and try not to judge myself too harsh.

Nevertheless, I still want to treat my pimples ASAP, as they make me feel sick and pain all the time. Please tell me if you guys have any suggestions for me and I will be very happy to hear them!

Thanks for reading my story and hope you like it! Please follow me and my social media if you are interested in my life!

Photo – My selfie today



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