Know more about Terry Ho!

Welcome to my blog, a podium for me to share my deep thoughts of anything.

I’m Terry Ho, a 17 years old ordinary teenager from Hong Kong. I’ve left Hong Kong in July 2015 and currently studying aboard in a High School located in Minnesota, United States.

Photo – Taken after a cross-country  meet which held in Minnesota, in 2015



I’m a Christian who believes what says in the Bible says and baptisted in Dec, 2015. I would like to share my faith to you through my blogs and pray for you !

Photo – Taken in a Mission Trip serving in Pingdong, Taiwan

Sports – I had practiced Fencing from Grade 4-8 and had chosen to quit it and I was one of the members of elementary and secondary school Fencing Team. I had participated couples competitions without much honorable accomplishments.

Basketball is the sports I’ve chosen to master in after quitting Fencing. I am currently the team member of my church’s basketball Team in Hong Kong. After I was studying in the states, I was one of the managers of his High School Basketball Varsity Team. After falling in love with basketball, I eventually fell in love with NBA too and I’m glad that I’d opportunities to watch 3 live NBA games after studying in the states and check this item off from my life bucket list!

Photo – taken in 2014 with my church basketball team

Music – I love a variety genres of music. Classical music is my favorite genre. In addition, I love other genres such as popular music and band music. My favorite bands are the Script and Train.

I have played Bass Guitar for around 3 years and have experience of competitions and performances throughout the years. I’m the bassist of my High School’s Chapel Band.

Photo – taken in the mini show of my previous High School

Travelling – I have developed my travelling hobby since I have studied in the States. But beforehand, I had traveled to places like Canada, the States, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Dubai. The most currently traveled destination was Toronto, ON.

Photo – Taken in Distillery Historical District, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

NBA and my dream – I’ve never told anybody else that the video game, NBA 2k11, aspired me to play basketball. “I have a dream! (Martin Luther King Jr.)”, my dream at the time was to make into NBA, the first player of Hong Kong who made into NBA, until I realized that it was more than impossible. However, I didn’t give it up but I changed direction – to be a sports manager in NBA, which sounds more reasonable and feasible. Please support my dream and I will try my best to achieve! As a 5 years NBA fan, I’m really glad to have chances to involve in the life game, and support my favorite team, Minnesota Timberwolves.

Photo – Taken in Target Center, Minnesota, at the game of Timberwolves vs Grizzles, 23 Jan 2016

The Amazing Race – Without any doubt, the Amazing Race is my favorite and only TV show that I’ve watched and followed since I’ve studied aboard. It’s free to watch at the website of CBS, and I’ve watched season 25-28, which S28 is currently on show every Friday. One of my bucket list is to be in one of the seasons in the Amazing Race with my favorite buddy.


Photo – extracted from “”, my favorite team Tyler and Corey in S28

Thanks for your patience to learn more about me! Please share your thoughts and feeling through comments and keep following my posts!