My Life Book

This page contains moments that I’d captured throughout my life, since the beginning of my secondary school year. 

Photo – taken in July 2011, visted one of the zoo located in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, via study tour


Photo – taken in July 2012, visited the school I’m currently studying now in Minnesota, for 2 weeks via study tour



Photo – Taken in July 2012, vistied the Universal Studio, Los Angeles, California, via study tour


Photo – Taken in August 2012, visted the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, via study tour


Photo – taken in Sept 2013, in Pike Street, Seattle, Washington; It was a trip which I visted San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas and Vancouver


Photo – taken in July 2011, visted one of the zoo located in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, via study tour


Photo – taken in August, 2014, in Central, Hong Kong, during a 4C Christian 4 days camp


Photo – taken in 14 Nov 2014, Tze Wan Shan, Hong Kong, during Cedar Barefoot Walk, experiencing and learning about poverty of Afrian poor residents


Photo – taken in 21 Dec 2014, at my church; the day of my baptism


Photo – taken in 29 March 2015, assisting the lightening position of the musical “Unfinished Tale”organized by the Grace Melodia Chinese Christian Music Church
Photo – taken in 2015, performed in a drama organized by a group of students, I’m the 8th one counting from left to right


Photo – taken in April 2015, my last sports day of my secondary school life, heading home with my 2nd medal of my life (400m) ; The rewards in front of me weren’t belong to me
Photo – Taken in July 2015, first and last time being the host of the inter-house music contest
Photo – taken in 20 July 2015, leaving Hong Kong and heading to the states to study aboard


Photo – taken in July 2015, in the Los Angeles Colliseum, during the Opening Ceremony of Los Angeles Special Olypics World Game 2015; I was voluntering as the bus greeter position serving in Long Beach


Photo – taken in July 2015, outside of the Staples Center, California, travelling during day-offs, in downtown Los Angeles


Photo – taken in July 2015, having fun at the Seal Beach in Long Beach, California


Photo – taken in August 2015, visited the Manhattan Beach in Long Beach, 2 weeks after volunteering


Photo – taken in 29 August 2015, first time being in the Minnesota State Fair


Photo- taken in 19 Sept 2015, visited the State Park, Minnesota Institute of Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photo – taken in 1 Nov 2015, in Williams Arena, Minneapolis, Minnesota, watching the Minnesota Crookston vs Minnesota Golden Gopher


Photo – taken in 3 Oct 2015, hiking in Jay Cooke State Park, Carlton, Minnesota
Photo – taken in 8 Oct 2015, after a cross-country meet, with teammates who won a medal
Photo – taken in 23 Dec 2015, in Oracale Arena, Oakland, California, watching the Utah Jazz vs  Golden State Warriors
Photo – taken in 24 Jan 2016, in Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota,watching the Memphis Grizzles vs Minnesota Timberwolves


Photo – taken in 16 Mar 2016, outside the City Hall of Toronto, during the Spring Break Trip
Photo – taken in 18 Mar 2016, in Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, watching the Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors


Thank you for reading my life book!